Why Adopt A Dog

It is much cheaper to adopt a dog than to buy one. Versus paying anything from $500 to $2000 from the pet shops or breeders, adopting a dog from ASD only entails a token adoption fee and provides many more benefits. Please refer to the ASD Adoption PackageĀ here.

Telling the truth
We are non profit and our priority is the welfare and future of the dogs under our care, it is never about making the sale or about money. As such we are upfront about the character traits and health status of the dog, both good and bad. It is no point masking or hiding certain facts about the dog to accelerate the adoption process only for the new owners to find out about it later, and if they are not prepared for those traits, the dog’s life or future may be in jepordy.

A Lifetime Of Support
Unlike pet shops and breeders, we ‘don’t wash our hands clean once the deal is done’. ASD believes in keeping in contact with their adoptors even past the adoption stage and helping with any problems that may come at various stages.

However it should be emphasized that this does not provide an avenue for people to ‘try out’ the dog first. Adopting a dog is a lifetime commitment and should be treated seriously. Ultimately, the adoptor needs to have the mindset to work out whatever problems they may face, should there be any. Please refer to the ASD Adoption Package below.

Low Maintenance
Most of our dogs for adoption are cross breed dogs. They are hardy and low maintenace dogs who have been acclimatized to our high humidity and hot environment. They seldom have skin problems or any other genetic defects which are common with pedigree breeds.

Greater Loyalty
All our dogs are rescued dogs who were either strays or have been abandoned. As a result of their hardship and suffering, most of them are deeply loyal and affectionate because they appreciate the second chance that they are given.