Website Maintenance

The ASD website is the central pillar of information dessimination to the public with regard to the needs of the strays and other activities.

The website needs to be updated frequently with news of new adoptables, our events, happy stories, knowledge related to our furry friends and can be further expanded to encompass more areas of information about animal welfare.

If you have the ability to write well and have the passion and the conviction to write about these beautiful creatures, be their voice and join us as writers. You will write about their happy tails, their needs, post or write dog related articles and about events that we have participated.

Web designers
Dogs deemed adoptable need to be posted on the website within 3 days of their pictures being sent to the webmaster. If you are web design savvy and can help be their saviour, join us as web designers to improve the website or to help maintain it.

If you can help in either of these area, please enter your details and click on send. For writers, web design software knowledge is not required.

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Web Design Knowledge (Wordpress, Photoshop, Dreamweaver etc)