Support Our Strays, Support Project ADORE.

Support Our Strays, Support Project ADORE.

What is this campaign about?

In the past, if you were living in a HDB flat and wanted to own a local cross breed dog (Singapore Special), it would not have been possible. Since about 80% of the Singapore population lived in HDB flats, we knew this was an obstacle we had to overcome. So ASD, together with SPCA, embarked on a rehoming project called Project ADORE (ADOption and REhoming of dogs), which is a scheme permitting HDB residents to own local cross breed dogs.

Project ADORE kicked off in April 2012 as a pilot project and due to its success, was formalised in Parliament on 28 May 2014. As at 31 Dec 2015, ASD had successfully rehomed 192 dogs under this scheme.

To be approved under Project ADORE, a dog must be at least 7 months old, not more than 50 cm in height (from the shoulder to the ground) and under 15 kg in weight.

This campaign is aimed at supporting our rescues from the time they are about 2 months old until they are 7 months old. This means we have to support each of these puppies for at least five months.

Sure, sometimes dogs under this scheme are rescued when they are older and are rehomed within weeks or a couple of months. But sometimes, some of them stay with us for years.

A conservative estimate of maintaining a rescued dog at a shelter is $200 per month. This includes the basic necessities of food, boarding, and tick, flea and heartworm prevention.

We hope to rehome many more dogs under Project ADORE in 2016. Raising additional funds for this today would mean we could support more rescues and not have to worry about drawing funds away from the estimated 150 dogs we currently maintain.

How Project ADORE has transformed the lives of many dogs

With the shortage of resources and space at our shelter, we can only rescue more dogs when we rehome the ones that are already under our care. Since the inception of Project ADORE, our adoption rates have been rising steadily. The reality could have been different for some of our rescued dogs had they not been rescued and rehomed under Project ADORE (see pictures below).Taffy_new Sherry_new O-chui_new


How you can HELP

We appreciate any help you can offer, be it in the form of volunteer services or monetary contributions. If you wish to make a donation, here is how you can do it:

Contribution by PayPal – please click on this link and scroll to the Pay Pal button.

Contribution by Cheque – The cheque should be made payable to ACTION FOR SINGAPORE DOGS SOCIETY and sent to ASD ℅ RICKY YEO, 3 Jambol Place, Singapore 119330.

Contribution by Funds Transfer – Account Name: Action for Singapore Dogs Society, OCBC Account No.: 650 322 456 001, Bank Code: 7339, Branch Code: 650

Kindly drop us an email at if you have any enquiries.

Thank you for your support.


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