The Unseen Ones

The Unseen Ones are the dogs taken in by ASD which you or the public may never get to see. They are the ones that suffer from severe illness or injury, and they have to be cared for on a long term basis to ensure that they have recovered before they are put up for adoption.

These dogs are put in a foster home environment to ensure that they receive the optimal care and love need for a good recovery

We are always asked whether it is worth the while to spend so much time, effort and money to maintain these dogs, in the hope that they will eventually recover.

But these dogs, despite their ailments or injuries, have such a zest for life and such optimism that so motivates us to continue to care for and love them. See their helicopter tails, their smiling, happy faces and you know they appreciate the second chance that they get

Typically, these dogs have severe skin conditions which require supplements, good diets, medicted shampoos and regular medical review to keep their condition under check. Other may have severe injuries like deep flesh wounds, maggot wounds due to infection, and they too, require supplements, medication to clean the wounds and medical reviews on a regular basis.

While the hope is that these dogs will eventually recover completely and find a permanent loving home through adoption, the reality is that some may never recover completely or they may not get adopted at all. Nevertheless, ASD will continue to care for them and to ensure they receive the proper medical care and resources and that is why we need your support.

If you can and wish to help these animals in need, you may contact us about your contributions or you can also browse through the contributions section to see the number of ways you can help.

At the same time, we’d like to say a Big Thank You to all who have supported or are supporting us in our work. The animals would also like to say Thanks in their own special way !

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