The Hallmark ASD Quality Care

What distinguishes the ASD Care Centre from the rest ?

For us at ASD, the dog’s health, happiness and comfort comes first, and we designed our Care Centre from the ground up with these criteria in mind.

We quantify our quality care system with the following factors, which, from our many years of experience, affect the physical and mental health of a dog :

From our experience, most boarding facilities will stick your dog in a walled up 3 ft x 6 ft kennel. In some cases, because they know the owners are not around, some resort to overcrowding and pack as many as 3 to 4 dogs in 1 kennel to maximise their profits.

For us, we understand how stressful it must be for a dog to be separated from his/her owner, and to be shut up in a small cage will further add to that stress.

Our proven concept is a dormitory style environment where 2 to 3 dogs interact in an airy 26 ft x 7 ft area with 2 open shared kennels for their own private moments

Your dog’s well being is of paramount importance to us, not the dollars

Ever been to boarding facilities where kennels are lined up face to face and packed with dogs in all directions ?

Your dog can get overwhelmed by all this and this adds to his/her stress level. At ASD, our domitories are arranged back to back and each dog has his/her private area to retreat to

Fans ensure fresh air is circulated and our dormitories have plenty of sunshine and adequate shade to ensure a right balance of nature and comfort

Do you know what they feed your dog when you are away ? Ever had your dog boarded only to come back with bad diaherra and other ailments ? It is easy to understand why as commercial entities seek to maximise their profits using cheap food that contain by products and other harmful ingredients

At the ASD Care Centre, your dog gets the same premium food that we feed our dogs in convalesence. Or if you like, you could bring his/her food so that there is minimal disruption to the diet

Been to boarding facilities whose floors are always wet and the dogs as well ? Ever had your dog come back covered in fleas and ticks and smelling terrible ? This is indicative of how they maintain their premises, usually just spraying water into the kennels with the dog still inside to clear the faeces and urine. It is fast but extremely dirty

At ASD, cleanliness is our top priority. A clean place is paramount to a healthy and happy dog and we spare no effort. Each dormitory’s floor and walls is meticulously scrubbed, washed and dried each day before the dog is placed back. Regular inspection rounds are done to ensure pee and poo is picked up and cleaned immediately

Our floors are tiled with anti skid tiles to ensure that they are cleaner and easier to clean. This is expensive but extremely important as it prevents acidity sores from cement floors which easily affect older dogs and can lead to maggot wounds.

This is the most important factor you will need to consider : Who will be the person looking after your dog when you are away ? A foriegn worker or some guy who is doing it for the money ? Will you worry that these people will abuse your dog when he/she doesn’t obey them ? Will they provide the human interaction that is so essential to a dog’s well being ?

At ASD, your dog gets personalized care, because our caretakers are genuine dog lovers, not just workers, who will give the same level of love, care and attention as they do to our rescued dogs. They have been trained and adhere to the strict ASD code of conduct on how to handle dogs, and how to observe their behavioural and physical symptoms to assess their health status

Ask yourself what the motivation is for commercial boarding facilities; why, money of course !

For us, it is never about the money, whatever proceeds are channeled back to maintaining the Adoption & Rescue Centre and to enable us to help more of the stray and abandoned dogs with medical and nutritional aid

Sure, there are many out there offering cheaper alternatives, but they cut so many corners that in the end, your poor dog is traumatised by the stay, and may end up sick. You could end up having to spend more on vet expenses, and suffer the distress of seeing your beloved dog in such a state.

But when you board your dog with us, you not only have peace of mind and ensure your dog gets the best possible care, you also enable ASD to continue her mission of helping the stray and abandoned dogs !