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The ASD Care Centre’s layout and design is similar to our Adoption & Rescue Centre with the singular aim of providing a clean and condusive environment where the dogs can live and interact happily.

From our experience, the environment is of utmost important for the psychological health of the dogs,and a bright, airy, cosy and spacious environment is a must.

At the ASD Care Centre, the dogs are cared for in spacious dormitories measuring 26 ft x 7 ft area with 2 open shared kennels for their own private moments.

This proven concept has been reinforced by clients who have boarded their dogs with us and remarked on how much more relaxed their dogs were after their stay with us than with their previous experiences at other boarding facilities

Tiled floors with pleasant off-white shades (dogs see in shades of gray) provide a clean, safe and cozy environment while clean fresh air is circulated via the overhead fans.

All these ammenties are standard and included in the rates without any hidden charges.

A common walkway links all the domitories together allowing easy access for cleaning and interaction by our Care Counsellors

We welcome you to visit our ASD Care Centre to have a first hand look at our premises and our Care Counsellors will be more than happy to explain things in more detail and to answer your queries. Just give us a call or email us to set up an appointment

At the same time, we also encourage you to view other commercial boarding facilities first as a reference. We dare say there is no basis for comparison !