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The ASD Adoption Rescue Centre is located in laid back Lim Chu Kang amidst a landscaping nursery.

Comprising 2 wings of kennels back to back, the ARC has a comfortable capacity of 54 dogs. One wing houses the sick and injured dogs while the other houses the happy and healthy puppies and dogs awaiting adoption

The layout of the ARC was envisioned with the physical and psychological well being of our canine residents, and deviates from the conventional face to face and cramped design of today’s kennel designs which optimises space but suffers the dog.

Here at ARC, instead of kennels, we have dormitories, which comprise of two kennels with a shared run area. Each dorm, which measures six meters by two meters, can comfortably house two to three dogs and encourages social interaction, play and excercise. And if they so wish, they can retire into their individual kennels to ponder over world peace.











Adequate ventilation of fresh air is provided for by the overhead fans while the anti slip tiled floors ensure our residents do not suffer from the harsh acidity and rough texture of cement floors. The tiled floors are also cleaner and are easier to clean. The residents are brought out for nature walks once a day by our loving caretakers to ensure they have mental and physcial excercise

This condusive environment will help to prepare our canine residents for a domesticated life with a loving family, so that they may adjust faster and adapt well to a social environment. As we say, a happy dog makes a happy family !