The greatest reward we experience can be summed up in singular events – each time one of our dogs finds a Forever Home. Witnesses to the fragile, first-tendrils of love that sprout between a new family and our previously dirty, unkempt, and mangy dog – we are humbled. Though unspoken, we understand that this new family will stand by their new member the rest of his life.
Sadly, despite our best efforts, we are not always able to find all our dogs a home they can call their own. Neglected, abused and abandoned to a harsh life on the streets, the life stories of some of our ‘toughest cases’ are heartbreaking. The tough shells these ‘mischievous’ ‘trouble-makers’ wear often hide bewilderment, apprehension and fear.


While the search for suitable homes and fosterers remain an uphill battle, we will never make the choice to ‘give up’ on any of our charges in our care. At our Adoption & Rescue Centre, many of these dogs await their forever home after they have recovered from their harrowing ordeal out in the streets. They tell their life stories on the ‘A Cry For Help’ section of our website.

Yet others, who are health, happy and very adoptable, somehow miss out on the chance of a good home because of their overwhelming numbers and the pitifully small number of good, responsible people. Their hope lay in the windows of the ‘Dogs For Adoption’ section of our website.
From as little as S$35 a month, your sponsorship will go towards defraying the cost of your chosen dog’s boarding fees, nutritional needs and medical care. In the event that there is more than one sponsor to a single dog, excess funds will go towards helping the other dogs in our care – defraying the costs of vaccinations, medical care, food and supplies badly needed.
You can also choose to play an active role by visiting your dog, taking him out for walks and even treating him to special toys or treats. In such surroundings, your sponsored dog will experience minimal stress, adequate care and plenty of positive experiences with humans. We believe that each day in this positive environment builds their ability to trust and love again as we continue on our search for a suitable home. In the happy event where a dog under sponsorship care is adopted, the relevant sponsors will be informed. If you should receive such notice, you can choose to either discontinue sponsorship altogether, or to help another dog instead.

As a sponsor, we keep you updated on the details of your sponsored dog(s).

You receive:

  1. A Sponsorship Certificate which includes the bio-data and photograph of your dog after 3 months of sponsorship.
  2. A  history on your sponsored dog via email – we hope to provide you with a glimpse into his past and present life.
  3. After 3 months of sponsorship, we can arrange a visit to our Adoption and Rescue Centre.
  4. Free ASD life membership after 6 consecutive months of sponsorship.