Sponsored Dogs

As a sponsor, we keep you updated on the details of your sponsored dog(s).
You will receive:
1. A Sponsorship Certificate which includes the bio-data and photograph
of your dog after 3 months of sponsorship.
2. A history on your sponsored dog via email – we hope to provide you
with a glimpse into his past and present life.
3. After 3 months of sponsorship, we can arrange for a visit to
the foster home or the Adoption & Rescue Centre should your
sponsored dog reside there.
4. Free ASD life membership after 6 consecutive months of sponsorship.

Please extend a helping hand to our dogs in need by sponsoring any of the dogs in the Sections.

Every dog has a story to tell about their life, and you can learn about them in the following sections. Your sponsorship will be crucial in providing for their continued care and

*Read About Dogs In Need In Our Cry For Help section.


Read Bowie's Story Here!

Read Bowie’s Story Here!

Read Rusty's Story Here!

Read Rusty’s Story Here!

Read Treasure's Story Here!

Read Treasure’s Story Here!








*Adopt or Sponsor*   Dogs For Adoption Or Sponsorship


The above are but a small number of dogs that are under the ASD Sponsorship Program. We currently have 140 dogs of which 17 dogs are at NANAS and 4 dogs are at a local shelter

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