Boarding Rates & Charges

Rates & Charges
S$20 a day for dogs 10 kgs and below
S$25 a day for dogs above 10 kgs and less than 25 kgs
S$30 a day for dogs above 25 kgs

Rates per day are charged inclusive of the day the dog is checked in and inclusive of the day the dog is checked out

Example if the dog is checked in on a Saturday and is checked out on a Sunday, 2 days accomodation is charged irregardless of the time the dog was checked in or checked out

Additional Services
S$30 for shampooing and cleaning of ears
S$30 for deticking and defleaing (needed only if dog has a large number of them at point of admission)
S$10 for additional Frontline Plus spot-on (anti flea/tick application effective for 1 month)
S$50 for transport (2 way trip for weekdays, $60 for Saturdays, $70 for Sundays)