In order for more of our rescued dogs to be re-homed and to reduce the stray dog population, we need to increase the awarness of the public about our work and the benefits and joy that these dogs can bring to their lives, as well as to inculcate responsible pet ownership.

As a designer volunteer in the publicity committee, we need you to come up with new ideas and designs for adoption or informative brochures, pamphlets,exhibition panels and magazine ads to drive home the message of responsible pet ownership and the adoption of our local cross breed dogs.

Pamphlet Distributors
This is one of the cornerstone activity of our adoption program. By making that little effort to post one of our adoption brochures in pet shops, vet clinics and cold storage notice boards, you ensure that thousands of people see the dogs up for adoption.

Distribution of pamphlets to private estates where our dogs stand the highest chance of being rehomed is also another effective way. Students can also volunteer for this activity to fufil their CIP (Community Involvement Project) points as well.

You can also start helping right now by downloading the ASD Adoption Pamphlet here (place your mouse over the words in bold, right click on your mouse, select ‘Save Target As …’, and select a directory to save the file too), printing it out and putting them up at any location which has good human traffic (Please ask for permission from the shop owners etc, first)

Media Producers
You will be exploring different ways of disseminating information in order to ensure that our message reaches the masses. Different types of media can be utilized from Flash snippets to short video clips, teasers or trailers to drive home the message.

Education Counsellors
You will help design and lead the direction of the education program targeted at schools to inculcate values of compassion and kindness to animals. The young ones will be the ones leading the country in years to come and this will be the way to a gracious society, who knows they may even change the mindsets of the adults !

If you love to reach out to people and have a burning desire to be the voice of the animals, please enter your details and click on send.

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