Boarding Procedure

As space is limited, bookings should be initiated at least 2 weeks in advance of intended date of stay

Click on this link to fill up the Boarding Request form and we will check on the space availability

We will inform you a week before the intended start date if we are able to allocate space for your dog’s stay. You will then need to confirm that you will board your dog with us on the intended dates.

A Boarding agreement will be attached which you need to download, print out and complete. Please take some time to answer the questions on your dog’s profile, such as phobias, character traits, past illness etc. This will help us to focus on these vulnerabilities and to ensure your dog’s stay is a happy and enjoyable one.

We will then prepare the space for your beloved dog and on the day of admission, the completed and signed Boarding Agreement has to be submitted and full payment made (Cash only)

Dogs should be flea and tick free and should be vaccinated at least 1 month prior to stay. Any sickness or infectious diseases should also be reported prior to admission.

A simple assessment will be made at that point of check-in to ascertain the health of your dog. Should there be a risk of infection, ASD has the right to reject admission of the dog

Your dog will also be assessed at that point to ensure it is flea and tick free. As part of our procedure to ensure the health and safety of your dog, he/she will be protected with an anti flea/tick application which is sprayed on. This is inclusive of the boarding charges.

However it must be noted that a spray application may sometimes not be as effective as a spot-on application. This is available at an additional charge upon request or you may do so yourself prior to check-in and inform our Care Counsellor

Owners are advised to also inspect their dogs upon check out to ensure the state and well being of their dog as well as to check for fleas/ticks if any

Contact Us
If you have any questions, you can contact us via email at with the heading ‘Boarding’ or you can call us at 91454818 or 92590698 (Press * when you hear the beeps followed by your tel number, then press ** and hang up. We will contact you as soon as possible )