Our Consultants

Our resident Consultant is Ricky Yeo who is the current president and founder of ASD. Ricky cut his teeth helping stray and abandoned dogs, rehabilitating and domesticating them for adoption, and providing post adoption support to ASD Adopters whenever they encounter behavioural issues.

With 9 years of rescue work under his belt, Ricky has had the unique privillege and diverse experience of handling dogs of all sorts of personalities. Reinforcing this experience, Ricky graduated from the Jan Fennell Dog Listener Foundation & Advanced Course in the UK (www.janfennellthedoglistener.com), which advocates the internationally acclaimed Amichien (TM) Bonding principles. He currently holds the status of Approved Preliminary Associate under theĀ Jan Fennell Quality Assurance Program

Through the ASD Dog Listener Academy, Ricky hopes to equip, educate and help people with effective andĀ kind means of communication and cooperation with their dogs