Happy New Year & A Year In Perspective

Happy New Year & A Year In Perspective

Wishing all of you a Happy New Year ahead and may all your wishes comes true! Taking a step back to look at an intensely busy 2015, we are very happy to announce a historic milestone of having achieved 230 adoptions!

This is by far the highest adoption rate in our 15 year history and we are so glad that that many more dogs found their forever homes, and so encouraged and motivated that so many more people are now more open and accepting of adopting our Singapore Specials.

A big thumbs up and thanks to our Adoption team headed by Wendy Low and Carol Ann Tan and the team of Adoption Counsellors and the countless number of volunteers who had worked tirelessly throughout the year, organising adoptions drives, arranging bonding sessions and providing post adoption support. Of the 230 adoptions, 100 of them were Project ADORE adoptions, through which our Singapore Specials have found their forever homes in HDB apartments, another historic milestone of the programme now into its 4th year!


Wags, as a stray, with a horrendous neck injury



Wags (now known as McNulty) finding his forever home and happy as a lark, is one of the 230 successful adoptions we achieved in 2015



A celebratory get together with the volunteers of ASD to mark the many milestones achieved in 2015. Happy New Year!



A celebratory get together with the volunteers of ASD to mark the many milestones achieved in 2015. Happy New Year!

Another significant milestone is the number of dogs adopted from our Adoption & Rescue Centre which numbered 26. While the number may seem small, it is rather significant when put in context, because most of these dogs have spent their entire lives at the ARC, and to find their forever home is nothing short of a miracle! While the ARC is a comfortable and conducive place, nothing beats a home and to this end, we continue to strive to have as many dogs adopted from the ARC as possible!

Another highlight of the year is Project Jubilation, our Trap-Neuter-Release project on Jurong Island. After 1 year of work trapping, sterilising and releasing the many strays on the island, we have sterilised 150 dogs and expended $100,000 so far. The project is far from over as there remains another 150 more dogs that needs to be sterilised and we are desperately trying to get ahead of the reproduction cycle. Many challenges lie ahead, from managing the stray population so that the dogs do not pose a nuisance nor danger, to having enough monetary resources to see the project through.

All in all, it has been a very challenging but fruitful year, and we forsee the year ahead to be fraught with more challenges, pitfalls and hurdles, and we definitely cannot progress without the support of all of you, many of whom have helped with generous donations, time and effort in the many aspects of our work. We now have PayPal as well to facilitate donations, so if you would like to start off the year with a deed that matters, just click on that button at this link http://asdsingapore.com/wp/contributions/ and give all our Singapore Specials that second chance at life! Happy New Year everyone!

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