Be A Member of Action For Singapore Dogs Society!

Action For Singapore Dogs is a registered Charity, and we are inviting all of you to be official members of our society. What does it mean to be a member of our society ? It means you support our cause and that you wish to be a part of our ever increasing community of true genuine dog lovers who are able to empathise with the sufferings and plight of the stray and abandoned dogs in Singapore, which we have pledged to help.

As a member, your membership fee will help to pay for the rescue, re-homing, boarding and medical expenses that is so crucial in helping these animals. It is a daunting task for in all likelihood, if they have been wandering the streets for some time, they would be sick to a certain extent for want of nutrition, shelter or attention. Many a dog we have helped have either skin conditions or wounds resulting from fights or abuse. Some of these injuries become infected and have maggots eating into the flesh and results in hefty medical expenses to have them treated and re-homed.

But we believe they deserve a second chance at life. We never take the easy way out by putting them to sleep, and we fully believe they deserve a chance at happiness and love just like any of us and just like some of their more fortunate counterparts.

Join us and be a part of this worthwhile cause, and know that if everyone contributes a little of themselves, they can help in a very big way. Ask your friends, families, foes or whoever you come in contact with to be a part of this noble cause as well and know that your membership today will help save a dog’s life tomorrow!

As a member, you will get these privilleges:

  1. Updates on all dogs and events that we hold via Facebook or email
  2. A membership card (For the year 2009/2010, a joint ASD / Pet Lovers Centre (PLC)membership card will be issued which can be used in PLC stores to earn points and redeemed for items which in turn can be donated to ASD)

To join our society, simply click on this link, print out the form, fill it out and send it to the address together with your cheque*


The society functions within the boundaries of the constitution laid out by the Commissionar of Charities which can be downloaded here