Fund Raising

Being self funded and totally reliant on the support of the public and ourselves, we need to constantly organize events, come up with new merchandise that can generate revenue for our rescue, rehoming, medical and sterilization efforts.

Event Organizers
A fund raising volunteer will brainstorm and work in a committee setup to handle an upcoming event. New and innovative ideas need to be constantly thought of to sustain the fund raising drive. The planning, organization, logistics and operational aspects of the event need to be handled and delegated such that the event runs smoothly.

The amount of time and effort needed varies depending on the type of event but generally it intensifies from around 2 weeks before the event date.

Some of the events that we have done include a dog obedience course, an animal behaviourist cum vet talk, a major adoption drive with other animal welfare organizations and we have more planned for the year. Our target is at least 2 ASD organized events a year.

We are always on the lookout for the creative people who want to help the doggies in a special way. If you are a person who is gifted artistically, we welcome your designs which can be used to grace our ASD Tees, or any other product. The satisfaction come from the many people who buy our merchandise and use them to broadcast our message of kindness to animals.

If you are a person who is able to think out of the box, and able to recognize consumer trends, we want you! As a merchandiser volunteer, you will think of and source for new products to complement the existing line of ASD merchandise or even dream of something new which may become the next big thing!

If you have the creative or organizational knack for any of the above activities, please enter your details and click on send.

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