As a non-profit society, ASD relies soley on the generosity of the public to help fund our rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming acitivities. We receive no government or corporate funding. Being mainly volunteer run, we keep overheads low and channel most of the resources to where it counts, the animals.
Because we believe in giving the animals that we take in the best help possible regardless of their health condition, our major expenditure is on medical aid for the dogs we take in. Other expenses include sterilization, pet transportation, boarding and maintenance fees when our foster homes are full and food to support the stray feeders.
Your contribution can be made by cheque, fund transfer or GIRO, and will ensure that we have the means to continue with the quality care that these dogs require and deserve, and that you will be instrumental in giving them a second chance at life.

Alternatively, you can also donate dog food, flea and tick medication or heartworm medication which can be used for our fostered dogs or to supplement the stray feeders that we support. For donation of dog food or other dog related products, please email us at or call us at 6100 2737.

Contribution By PayPal

Donation Amount

Contribution By Cheque
The cheque should be made payable to: Action For Singapore Dogs Society

and sent to:

ASD c/o Ricky Yeo
3 Jambol Place, Singapore 119330

Contribution By Funds Transfer

You can also contribute by fund transfer to ASD’s account. These are the details:

Bank: OCBC

Account No: 650322456001
Account Name: Action For Singapore Dogs Society
Branch Code: 650
Bank Code: 7339

Do drop us an email at  if you decide to contribute and when the transfer is successful, so that we can issue you a receipt.

Contribution By GIRO
GIRO is the convienient and hassle free way of contributing to the society monthly automatically. Simply click on this link, print out the form, fill it out and send it to the address stated on the form.

 Instructions For Printing Out The GIRO Application Form

  1. This form may be printed in duplex, ie. double sided. One side consists of a prepared envelope with the mailing address and the other the form where you fill out your particulars.

  2. To print the form in duplex, select the duplex mode, and select ‘short edge’ printing if that is available on your printer. You should get a printed form where the 2 pages are aligned properly.

  3. Alternatively, you can just print out the form (page 2) and use your own envelope. The mailing address is found on page 1.

    * Processing will take about 4-8 weeks. We seek your understanding and patience in this as we need to forward the application to the bank for approval. Please email us at if you do not receive a letter of status within this time frame.

Please take note that all donations to ASD will be directed to programs and uses for the benefit of animals, solely at the Committee’s discretion and in accordance with the Society’s Constitution. Donations to ASD cannot be used to set off against sums owed to the Society by a donor, for whatever reason(s), if such be the case, unless prior written approval from the Committee has been obtained.