Music for a Cause Festival

We are proud to be featured as one of the 8 social causes

at this year’s Music for a Cause Festival!

Organised by Love Action Project!

Live performances, delicious food, variety of drinks

and the opportunity to make a positive difference!

Come and support us (and 7 other social causes!)

on 21 & 22 January

at SMU Basement Concourse.

For more information, follow Love Action Project

or check out

It’s going to be one …

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Join Us For An Evening Of Nostalgia & Help the Strays !

Join Us For An Evening Of Nostalgia & Help the Strays !

Remember a time not so long ago, when life was simpler and slower, where neighbours knew each other, and got together for simple activities like sharing a meal and watching a movie?

Some of you may and some may not, so we are inviting all of you to relive and experience that nostalgic moment in time when dogs and people alike lived in harmony and happiness.

For one night only, come together as a community of animal lovers and friends to watch a movie together under the …

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ARC 10th Anniversary OPEN HOUSE, 25th June 2017

Please join us as we celebrate our Adoption and Rescue Centre’s (ARC) 10th Anniversary with an Open House on Sunday, 25 June 2017!

Come and meet our handsome poster boy, Mojo, and his furry friends and give them lots of cuddles and belly rubs. We also have an exciting line-up of activities for you to partake in.

Event Schedule:
11.30am: ARC open house commences!
11.40am: Welcome speech by ASD’s president Ricky Yeo
11.50am: Demo on Behavioral Training by Ricky Yeo
12.15pm: Guided Tour #1: Our volunteers will be introducing ARC to members …

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Support Our Strays, Support Project ADORE.

Support Our Strays, Support Project ADORE.

What is this campaign about?

In the past, if you were living in a HDB flat and wanted to own a local cross breed dog (Singapore Special), it would not have been possible. Since about 80% of the Singapore population lived in HDB flats, we knew this was an obstacle we had to overcome. So ASD, together with SPCA, embarked on a rehoming project called Project ADORE (ADOption and REhoming of dogs), which is a scheme permitting HDB residents to own local cross breed dogs.

Project ADORE kicked off …

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