Be a Volunteer

Ever seen homeless, abused, neglected, abandoned animals looking at you with dispair and resignation in their eyes ? Ever felt helpless and inadequate and wishing you could do something about it ? You can ! We may not be the richest or cleverest people in the world, but every little thing we do for these critters makes a world of difference to them.As a volunteer, we can make a difference between life and death for these critters. We may not solve the animal overpopulation problem overnight, but if each of us do our small part, we can make a tremendous difference.

We have a variety of activities and duties and we are constantly in need of volunteers. If you have the heart and the will to do something for these animals, please click on any of the activities below to learn more about what the duties entail. And if you feel you can commit to them, simply enter your details and we will get in touch with you

If you wish to do a project for your CIP or VIA, you can help us raise awareness through the sale of our merchandise at your school. Ask your teacher for permission to set up a small table with our consigned merchandise and be an ambassador to your peers. Please email us at

Our Activities
Fostering Adoption & Rescue
Centre Volunteer

Fund Raising
Event organizers
Graphic Artists
Pamphlet Designers
Media producers
Education Counsellors
Website Maintenance
Web designers


We would also welcome contributions of sorts from Dog food to anti flea/tick meds. Please contact us at if you wish to contribute in these areas