Adoption & Rescue Centre

A warm welcome to the ASD Adoption & Rescue Centre (ARC) !

The ARC was established in June 2007 and is situated in rustic Lim Chu Kang far from the madding crowd. Since Dec 2000, ASD has been actively rescuing, re-homing and sterilizing the countless stray and abandoned dogs that have been heartlessly discarded by society when they no longer serve their needs

ASD had been relying on a network of foster families to love and care for the dogs which have been rescued and awaiting adoption, but over the years, the number of dogs needing help far exceed the number of foster homes.

The ARC will complement our current network of foster homes and has a comfortable capacity of 54 dogs. As the name implies, the ARC will be run on the philosphy of helping dogs that are sick or injured, and healthy, happy puppies and dogs with good temperament who stand a good chance of adoption.

The centre is not run as a shelter nor a boarding facility as it is hoped that there will be a quick turnaround time for the residents there to be adopted out and for new dogs to come in, ultimately resulting in increased adoption rates.

In 2008, a new block will be added next to the existing block and this will be used as a boarding home, of which the revenue generated will be channeled to the ARC to maintain the operations.

Visits to the ARC is by appointment only unless an Open House Day is declared. Do join our mailing list to be kept updated of happenings at the ARC and volunteers are welcome to help maintain the centre and interact with the dogs. Please send us an email at if you are keen to help out

Running the ARC requires a huge amount of resources, and contributions are always needed and appreciated, be it monetary, food, medicine, equipment etc. Please contact us at if you wish to contribute or have any ideas that can help generate revenue to maintain the centre.