Adoption Procedure

1. From our website, browse the ‘Dogs For Adoption‘ section where pics of the dogs are posted together with their bio, and note down a few of the dogs you may be interested in.

2. Contact us by email or call the hotline to enquire on the availability of these dogs. An Adoption Counsellor will discuss with you about your requirements or expectations and in turn give you more information on the dog’s behaviour traits and to highlight areas or aspects which may be pertinent to that dog.

3. If there is some basic matching between the expectations and the dog’s traits, we will send you an Adoption Application Form to fill up so that we can better understand your background, experience and lifestyle.

4. A convienient time and date is then set for a non obligatory bonding session where you, the potential adoptor and at least another member of the household will be invited to visit the dog at our Centre or at the foster home. More bonding sessions can also be arranged if you require more time to assess the temperament of the dog.

5. You, the potential adoptor then take some time (typically 1-3 days) to discuss with your family members and decide.

6. Should you, the potential adoptor decide to adopt, you will come down to the Centre or the foster home to sign an Adoption Agreement and bring the dog back.

7. The conditions of the Adoption Agreement are :

  • To allow home visits, roughly 2 weeks to 1 month after the adoption, the purpose of which is to see if any assistance can be rendered.
  • The dog also need to be licensed, vaccinated, microchipped and sterilized and ASD provides a mandatory, comprehensive, subsidized package here