Adoption Package

What are the benefits of adopting a dog from ASD ?

Low Adoption Fees
ASD provides a comprehensive Adoption Package for all dogs adopted from ASD which consists of :1 vaccination
1 microchipping procedure*
1 health checkup
1 sterilization procedureFor more details and benefits of the above procedures, please refer to the sections below. The health/medical procedures are done at reputable private vet clinics and usually at a nearby convenient location. This package is also subsidized, costing significantly less than if a member of the public were to patronise the same clinicThe cost of the Adoption Package is as :
Male Local Cross Breed Dogs : $230
Female Local Cross Breed Dogs : $250
Male Pedigree Dogs 3 years and below : $330
Female Pedigree Dogs 3 years and below : $350
Male Pedigree Dogs above 3 years but below 5 yrs : $280
Female Pedigree Dogs above 3 years but below 5 yrs  : $300
Male Pedigree Dogs 5 years and above : $230
Female Pedigree Dogs 5 years and above  : $250* From 1st June 04 microchipping is mandatory for all ASD dogs
** The distinction in categories is to deter commercial abuse of pedigree dogs

Project ADORE

Project ADORE (ADOption and REhoming of dogs) is a scheme allowing HDB residents to own local cross breed dogs. It was initiated by ASD and the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) ) in April 2012 and supported by the Ministry of National Development (MND), the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) and Housing Development Board (HDB).

Only local cross breed dogs whose height do not exceed 50 cm and weighing not more than 15 kg qualify for this scheme. Puppies are not considered HDB-approved until they reach 7 months of age.
Under Project ADORE, the adopter needs to:
1. Sign an adoption agreement with ASD and pay an adoption fee ($230 for males and $250 for females) which covers 1 vaccination, microchipping and sterilization.
2. Obtain a dog licence for the adopted dog which costs $15 annually (ASD will apply on behalf of the adopter)
3. Sign a Code of Responsible Behavior (CORB)
4. Undergo compulsory Basic Obedience Training (at a cost of $250)
Post Adoption Support

ASD believes in keeping in contact with our adoptors even past the adoption stage. Adoptors are welcome to call or email about any problems they face at any time or day or simply call us to chat about their new family member! ASD will provide advice, tips and resources to help adoptors cope with the problems if there are any.

Home Visits
There will be a home visit about a month after the adoption to see if we can be of any assistance. The home visit also gives our experienced personnel an idea of the environment which may be the cause of some problems.

Health Check
All dogs put up for adoption are given a thorough check up by the vet. This includes a physical check of the heart, lungs, bone structure, and they are checked for tick fever and heartworm depending on their previous environment. The full health status of the dog will be told to potential adoptors regardless of whether they are good or bad or whether they can be physically seen. This ensures that the adoptor is fully aware of the condition of the dog when they adopt it.

Subsidised vax and sterilization
Vaccination is mandatory to immunise the dog against fatal diseases, and puppies of 3 months and above need 3 shots one month apart. Thereafter, vaccination is done once a year.

Sterilization is mandatory and reduces significantly the risk of tumours and cancers from developing later in their lives. The procedure is a one time operation and relatively risk free. An unsterilized female dog has a 50% chance of having womb or breast cancer (these statistics have been scientifically proven) while an unsterilized male dog can contract testicular or prostate cancer.

The onset of these cancers or tumours usually occur when they reach middle age (5 years and above) and surgery then would have significant risk.

Microchipping is a painless method of implanting a small microchip in the dog’s neck that will give each dog an individual identification number. This ensures that should the dog be lost and is found by the various organizations or societies, they can be scanned to locate the owner thru this ID number.From 1st June 2004 microchipping will be included in the adoption package.
Subsidized basic obedience course
Conducted by a professional trainer at a centralized location on weekends, the course consist of 6 sessions, each 1.5 hour session held on a weekend and limited to 6-10 dogs and their handlers. That way, the trainer is able to focus on the individual character of the dog and determine the appropriate communication techniques for a well behaved and sociable dog.Our trainers are all highly experienced and qualified and the most important thing is they understand dogs very well. Dogs, like us are highly complex creatures and no one technique is adequate to communicate with them
Automatic entry to a community of dog lovers
Adoptors will become part of a ever growing community of genuine dog lovers who are able to look past pedigree status or looks and instead embrace these lovely companions for who they are.