Feb-Mar ’10 Class

” Great course ! The trainer’s knowledge and patience is excellent. This course not only helped our dog but it was beneficial for the humans as well. The techniques are very effective and we¬†will endeavour to continue practising ”

” The basic obedience course is very good. Toffee is more obedienct as compared to last time and his confidence grew a lot ”

” It has been helpful in day to day interaction with my dogs ”

” The trainer was very good and the techniques really helped Donut’s development ”

” The one on one consultation was very valuable up front as we were able to instill behaviour as soon as we brought her home. The course has been a great follow up, complements and builds on the one on one session. The course has also helped with Abby’s bonding with other dogs and people and has helped her behaviour around distractions. We are very thankful to all the staff at ASD for their continued care and support¬†”

” The trainer has excellent knowledge and provided effective advice to us ”

” Overall the course is good, was able to see improvement in my communication to Snowy, probably with more practice things will get better “