1. Can you guarantee results ?
Ans : Dogs like humans have complex characters and while the program and classes will definitely show improvement and results, a lot depends on the time and effort put in by the owner as well as the personality traits of the dog. As an organization with integrity, we cannot state for the record that we can guarantee results.

2. I don’t have the time, can I care off my dog to be trained by you ?
Ans : The strength of the relationship between your dog and you is dependent on the time and the effort you invest in it, much similar to human relationships. We always advocate that the owner must put in the time and effort to realize the desired results.

3. How soon can I see results ?
Ans : A lot depends on the issues, the personality of the dog and the effort put in by the owner, but generally speaking, some results can be seen from the first consultation already.

4. My dog is already very old, is it still possible to get rid of his bad habits ?
Ans : It is possible, but it will take time as the behaviour or habit has been ingrained deeply and any changes will require time.

5. How different is your method from say the traditional choke chain method or the newer electric collar method ?
Ans : Firstly we only use non-violent, positive reinforcement or kind methods of correction. Our method also advocates cooperation from your dog and is not conditioning. Traditional Choke Chain or Electric Collars work on the premise of punishing the dog if he doesn’t do as told. There is no cooperation or respect from the dog and once the gadget is not in use, the dog will revert to his old behaviour.

6. How young can my dog start training ?
Ans : Dogs can start being cognitive from as young as 2 months, but their attention span is rather short. An ideal age to start teaching your dog is about 3 to 4 months onwards.

7. My dog is fearful or aggressive towards other dogs, can I still join the group classes ?
Ans : You can still do so, but it may not be so effective, as your dog may be distracted or stressed by the presence of other dogs. For your situation you can consider the Individual Home Based Clsses.

8. How are the course/consultation fees approportioned ?
Ans : As this is a social entrepenuership initiative, the Dog Listener Academy will be run on a professional and commercial prespective with a portion of the course and consultation fees being channeled back to ASD