Cry For Help

When animals are afflicted with pain and ailments through abuse or otherwise, they do not have the voice to speak out, they can only suffer in silence. We have to hear them and we have to help them.

Unfortunately, the cost of treatment often outweigh the resources that we have. That is why we have to appeal to like-minded people like yourself to help them. A little from everyone will help to cover the cost of treament and help to save a life.

In this section you will see dogs with life threatening or severe injuries and ailments which require urgent help and contributions to see them through their most critical period.

Read about our many rescue cases here.

You will also see the Unseen Ones, dogs which are under the care of ASD but require long term care and love due to their condition.

If you can and wish to help these animals in need, you may contact us about our contributions or you can help us by making a purchase at the gift gallery. At the same time, we’d like to say a Big Thank You to all who have supported or are supporting us in our work. The animals would also like to say thanks in their own special way !